HackTheBox Misc Inferno Challenge

Challenge By : yuntao

Challenge Description :  Find the flag.

Points : 20

Author : Rehman S. Beg (HTB Profile : MrReh )


Lets download the file and extract it content, we get inferno.txt file lets see what we have inside

Base64 code lets decode it link : CyberChef

Output : D'`_$^"7m5X32Vxfvu?1NMpLml$jGFggUdSbb}<{)]xqpunm3qpohmfe+Lbgf_^]#a`Y^WVz=<XWVONrLQJINGkEiIHG)?c&BA:?>=<5Yzy765432+O/.'&%$H(!g%$#[email protected]~}vu;srqvun4Uqjinmle+cKaf_d]#[`_X|\[ZYXWVUTSRQP2NMFKJCBfFE>&<`@9!=<5Y9y7654-,P0/o-,%I)ih~}${A!a}v{t:[Zvo5srTSonmf,jiKg`_dc\"`BXWVzZ<;WVUTMqQP2NGFEiIHGF?>[email protected]]=<;4381Uvu-2+0/('K+*)('~f|B/

it look like Malbolge programming language we have done before in Crypto Decode Me!! challenge lets decode it

FLAG : “HTB{!1t_1s_just_M4lb0lg3_l4ngu4g3!}”  

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