HackTheBox Reversing Find The Easy Pass Challenge

Challenge By : Thiseas 

Challenge Description :  Find the password (say PASS) and enter the flag in the form HTB{PASS}

Points : 20

Author : Rehman S. Beg (HTB Profile : MrReh )


Lets download the file and extract it we get EasyPass.exe file we can execute it in Linux via wine Command

lets try hackthebox in password filed its wrong

To know whats going on background lets jump into Immunity Debugger Reverse Engineering tool

First we search for all text strings steps: right click on the Disassembler screen > Search for > All Referenced text strings then then get a new window called Text strings referenced in EasyPass:CODE

then we can see Good Job. Congratulations before Wrong Password! Now double click on the Wrong Password! We get new window called CPU-main thread, module EasyPass and here we put breakpoint above Good Job. Message and run the program again

after enter 123 wrong passwrod on stack panel we got the right password “fortran!”

FLAG : “HTB{fortran!}”     

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