HackTheBox Stego Da Vinci Challenge

Challenge By : nickvourd

Challenge Description :  Try to find out the secret which is hiding inside of these pictures and learn the truth about Mona Lisa!

Points : 30

Author : Rehman S. Beg (HTB Profile : MrReh )


Lets download the file and extract it content, we get 3 jpg file




Lets start with “Thepassword_is_the_small_name_of_the_actor_named_Hanks.jpg” extract it content with steghide tool command “steghide extract -sf Thepassword_is_the_small_name_of_the_actor_named_Hanks.jpg”

We get [email protected] file lets see what we have inside

It seems like Md5 hash lets decrypt it

We get first password “leonardo”. Now we can use binwalk to extract the hidden file from Monalisa.jpg

Once extracted with the password “leonardo” we get famous.zip file, in famous.zip file we get Mona.jpg

Now lets use Strings command into Plans.jpg we can see a youtube link in last line https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jc1Nfx4c5LQ  

From youtube link we get to know video name is “Guernica 3D”, and to extract the content from Mona.jpg with the password “Guernica”.

We get key file, in key file we get Base64 code lets decode it. We have to decode it 3 Times and we get our flag

FLAG : “HTB{[email protected][email protected][email protected]}”          

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