HackTheBox Stego Hackerman Challenge

Challenge By : SirenCeol

Challenge Description :  There should be something hidden inside this photo... Can you find out?

Points : 30

Author : Rehman S. Beg (HTB Profile : MrReh )


Lets download the file and extract it content, we get hackerman.jpg file

To extract data from hackerman.jpg we need password, without knowing password lets crack it with stegcracker tool to crack password commanad is “stegcracker hackerman.jpg /usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt”

So the password is “almost” now lets extract the data from hackerman.jpg

We get hackerman.txt, we have inside Base64 code lets decode it and grep our flag

FLAG : “HTB{3v1l_c0rp}”   

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